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Concrete Lifting

Is your concrete uneven or in need of repair?

B-Level Augusta/Columbia is an experienced concrete lifting and leveling company, serving residential and commercial clients in Augusta, GA, Columbia, SC, and surrounding areas. Replacing concrete is expensive. Repairing your concrete is typically more cost effective and more time efficient.
B-Level offers economical, environmentally-friendly solutions for concrete that is unattractive or unsafe. Our concrete lifting and leveling process begins by drilling small holes through the existing concrete. A B-Level technician then pumps a limestone mixture underneath the slab. Finally, our concrete leveling technicians fill the holes and, in most scenarios, the area is ready for use. There are many benefits to the B-Level concrete lifting approach:
  • Trip hazards are removed
  • Filling voids adds stability
  • Lower cost than concrete replacement
  • Timely completion (projects completed in hours instead of days – minimizing downtime)
  • Little or no collateral damage to landscape, hardscape or surrounding outdoor elements (no heavy construction equipment is brought on your property)
  • No color difference between old and new concrete
  • Ecologically sound and environmentally friendly
Instead of replacing, save time and money and repair your concrete with B-Level. Concrete lifting can be applied to sidewalks, driveways, driveway aprons, patios, porches and decks, commercial building floors, garage floors, warehouse floors, stoops and steps, pool decks and more. We also offer concrete wall stabilization.
B-Level Augusta/Columbia proudly serves clients through the CSRA and the Midlands, making our company the best choice for your concrete leveling needs. Let us restore your old or uneven concrete, making it safer and more aesthetically pleasing.
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