B-Level Augusta/Columbia

Our Methods

What we bring to the table...

What we do is fairly simple; we reposition concrete which had settled or rotated. We use Plane Geometry and ‘reverse’ understanding to identify the root cause of the problem.


In our industry, we are known as pressure grouters but may also be known as slab jackers or mud jackers. We are different from companies that use foam fill or poly fill materials. Although we are experienced and have used foam fill, we mix our flowable fill that is a fine concrete. Concrete has been used for a thousand years. Will not decay. Is insect and rodent hardy. Is not considered as hazardous material. We mix our flowable fill at the location at a viscosity unique to that particular job.


WHAT MAKES US DIFFERENT FROM OTHER COMPANIES: We offer services other than concrete leveling/lifting. Small replacement or additions; back filling; crack chasing and sealing; broken concrete replacements/repairs; water sealant crack injection; surface water run-off management; slab failure assessments.

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